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Picking the right swimsuit for your body type

For all women picking out a swimsuit for the summer season can be a daunting task. Maybe you want to show off your new body you worked so hard on over winter or maybe your still working on it and don’t want to show too much. Luckily for all your bathing suit questions there are answers. How can you pick the perfect suit for your body?

Step one in picking the right suit is to know your body type. Don’t pick a suit that doesn’t flatter you because then you wont feel great while wearing it. There are four body types to choose from.

  • Pear shape: Your hips are wider than your waist and bust.
  • Curvy shape: Your waist is wider than your hips and equal or lesser to your bust.
  • Athletic shape: Your bust and hips are equal in size and you have a small waist.
  • Straight shape: You are thin all around and almost look, well, straight. 

After picking your body type next pick a cut and color or pattern that suits your body and what you want or don’t want to show.

  • Pear: Briefs, boyshorts and hipster bottoms look best on you. For tops halter or molded cups flatter your bust. Loud prints aren’t going to flatter your figure, but soft patterns and colors will. 
  • Curvy: Find something that compliments your curves but keeps everything in place. Stick with solid or small print suits and look for underwire or halter-tops. Stay away from bottoms with shifty strings. 
  • Athletic: Suits with feminine cuts and details will look best on you. Show off your bottom half with embellishes at the hips and bring out your bust with ruffles or patterns on top. Steer away from bandeau tops, boyshorts and shapeless tanks.
  • Straight: Ruffled, ruched and padded tops are going to be your best friend. But avoid bandeau tops and sporty bottoms.