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Shopping for Women's Swimwear FAQ and Tips

Finding the right type of swimwear as a woman is about facing the reality of ones’ own body. You might spend hours under fluorescent lights twirling around and peeking at every angle of the three-way mirror to make sure everything is perfect. Nothing will ever be “perfect” but you can make yourself look the BEST if you know what you are looking for. Do you have the body type that looks best in a swimdress? Maybe you are a woman in need of a one-piece V-neck swimsuit? Here are some common questions about buying swimwear for women that will help you make the RIGHT decisions.

Buying swimwear for women is such a pain in the butt. Can’t this be easier?

Even for women who love shopping (all of us) buying a swimsuit is one of the hardest things imaginable. The trick I’ve found is to make sure that you are looking like you are going on a first date. Shave your legs, wax the areas that need to be waxed, groom up your pubic areas, and do something with that skin. Give yourself a little color. Even if you are only impressing yourself there is MUCH to be said for the, “Damn I look good” factor in making the swimwear buying experience a little easier to swallow.

What kind of swimwear can a women look good in no matter what?

For most women it is much easier to emphasize their cleavage to draw attention away from any other areas they might not be happy with. A nice one-piece V-neck will do this job perfectly and will be a perfect swimwear choice for MOST women.

What kind of swimwear can larger breasted women get that doesn’t draw so much attention to their chest?

If you are a larger chested woman your entire swimwear shopping experience will revolve around solving this problem area. Find the top you are comfortable in first and you can deal with the rest later. Skinny straps are going to dig into your shoulders and irritate your skin. You want to search for wide straps.

What types of women’s swimwear should you avoid at all costs?

The biggest no-no in the swimsuit world is any type of swimwear with a dress attached. This is a surefire way to look like the old maid. All that extra material makes you look bigger than you. A perfectly acceptable alternative to this sort of style is the “swimdress.” Swimdresses for women are very hot right now.

Swimdress vs Swimsuit with a Skirt?

The main difference here is the A-line qualities of the swimdress. There is a flare just above the hip area giving you that summer dress quality. It is one of the most enduring fashion styles and will always be the tasteful alternative for women who don’t want to show so much skin. A skirt seam on a swimsuit is just so unflattering. Stick with the swimdress.

Swimwear tip: A lot of older women (40+) seem to like to go for the easy option of the “tankini.” The tankini is a “tank-top like” swim top worn with separate traditional bottoms. The problem here is that most of these easy outs don’t have any bra support. You know what happens with age ladies. If you go this route you end up with a bared midriff and the girls running free as the fabric flies up. Find a bra store that also does swimwear for women and you’ll be much better off in the care of knowledgeable staff.

What are the best colors for swimwear that is only one piece?

Black will always be the ace in the hole with burgundy, browns, and other darker tones following close behind.

Don’t spend all this time finding the right swimsuit only to sit around in a t-shirt or towel covered up. Do all of the decision making at the store while you are shopping. Think about the whole outfit: hat, shoes, glasses, and any other compliments.