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Types of Women's Swimsuit Tops

Women's Halter Swimsuit Top

The Halter top is wonderful piece of women's swimwear engineering when it comes to breast lift control. The two shoulder straps (or strings) are attached to each side of sweetheart top, bandeau top, or triangle top. These straps gently lift the breasts up creating that slight extra "perk" that some women are looking for to feel confident and beautiful in their swimsuit.

If you have a larger chest -search for a top with wider straps instead of skinny strings. Your shoulders will thank you and the extra support will keep everything where it should be. If you have that little bump of extra skin below your bra line to hide look for a style that has the extra band extending below the normal line.

Sexy Tip! All around smaller proportioned women should use thinner stringed shoulder straps.

Women's Triangle Swimsuit Top

The triangle swimsuit top is the most recognized style in America and for good reason! The Triangle Swimsuit top is one of the most versatile all around swimsuit tops out there. The adjustable sides and added lift take advantage of smaller already perky breasts allowing you to decide how much skin/cleavage you want to show. Because this style is so popular be sure to choose a unique color and design to set yourself apart from all the others out at the pool, beach, lake, or wherever you like to get your summer ON!

Women's Bandeau Swimsuit Top

The Bandeau by definition is a fashion garment made from a strip of cloth. There is a little history about this style as it emerged as popular in the 1940s and 1960s. Later the Bandeau was replaced by the popular bikini outfits until a rebirth was given to it in the 1980s. It has been a staple in most women's swimwear product lines since. Traditionally this top is strapless but many designers have integrated the ability to add a neck strap and still retain the two edged Bandeau style.

The Bandeau wraps around the women’s breasts being secured in a couple different ways. Some Bandeau tops will clasp in the front/back or they will have no clasp at all and be composed of a tight fitting elastic type material. The artistry of the Bandeau is in the "dip" in the middle of the chest. You will see this single area is what sets one Bandeau apart from another so choose something you like to avoid having your breasts look like they are just in a fancy bandage. A good rule of thumb if you are unsure is to try something with some sewn in Ruffles or Petals (ruching). This style will mold with your body and allow a lot less restriction while still looking sexy.

Women's Tankini Swimsuit Top

Tankinis are the unsung heroes of the women's swimwear world. We see a lot of people put them down but the sales figures don't lie. The women's tankini top IS popular. The tankini is a perfectly beautiful choice for any women who doesn't want to show so much extra skin. The tankini top covers the majority of the torso and midsection showing nothing but the shoulders. That isn't to say the Tankin isn't a versatile top like the the others. There are many different styles you can choose from that have different lengths and this season the strap over one shoulder IS IN! 

Women's Underwire Swimsuit Top

The underwire swimsuit top relies on the same technology that a bra does. There is a metal wire lifting and creating a desired shape for the women's breasts.  The underwire swimsuit top can be in a category all of its own but in the end it is more of an additional feature of the halter or bandeau creating a balconet style that keeps the women's breasts in a very specific shape securing them much like a bra does. Be sure to make sure the wires are padded and comfortable. We all know what happens when that wire slips out (ouchy anyone?).

Women's Sweetheart Swimsuit Top

The Sweetheart style comes in many shapes and sizes.