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Types of Women's Swimsuit Bottoms

Breaking down the swimsuit buying process into tops and bottoms can make things a lot more fun and easy. How many times have you been shopping and found the PERFECT top but the bottoms that were supposed to match it weren't at all what you were looking for? There is no rule that says you can't buy them seperately. In fact a lot of merchants these days are selling them seperatly.  Sometimes a good contrast is just what you needed all along and you never knew it. A solid colored swimsuit bottom can match any top just like a pair of jeans can match any t-shirt. This article is all about the different types of women's swimwear bottom. If you are looking for the different types of women's swimwear tops you can read about them here.

High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit Bottoms

The high waisted women's swimsuit bottom is a total throw back to the vintage retro swimsuits of the 50s. High waisted swimsuit bottoms are literaly what their name implies. The waist band rides above the hips hiding the navel and there is maximum bottom coverage.  This swimsuit bottom fits your midsection like a glove keeping the belly and butt snug and in-place almost like a sudo reverse corset. 

Hipster and Boyshort Swimsuit Bottoms

Hipster swimsuit bottoms didn't come on to the scene before it was cool. Instead of making a social statement these bottoms are actually refering to a women's hips. Hipster bottoms are characterized by the flat waist band that rides directly on the womens hips. The top of the bottoms draw a straight line across connecting each of your pelvic bones. Boyshorts are in this category because they do the same thing only they are not cut up the thigh revealing a little more of your butt. So if you want to show of your belly but not the butt get the Boyshorts. If you want to show both packages Hipster's are a cute choice.

Skirty/Dress Swimsuit Bottoms

Skirty swimsuit bottoms come in a variety of lengths. The most popular is a regular bikini underneath with a long fringe on the waist to give the look of a mini-skirt. A longer fringe gives the illusion of a dress. The bottom of the swimdress is a good example of what the skirty bottom looks like sold as a seperate. 

String Swimsuit Bottoms

The string swimsuit bottom is the most revealing and sexy type of women's swim bottom. These are the "string" bikinis that you see out there in the wild. They are fastened by ties on each hip (or one hip depending on the style). They show the most in the back and can be adjusted to ride as low or high on the hips as you want.